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​your biggest investment 

Our values begin with people. Every decision we make, every action we take, must be the best one for the people, our team and our clients.

Maybe your master's degree isn't in real estate or finance – don't worry, ours was. We can answer all of the tricky questions and help you sail over every hurdle.


​we let other agents do whatever, while we do whatever-it-takes!

Our purpose at Emerald City is to bridge the gap between the old ways of real estate business practices & integrate them with the revolutionary ways of the digital-first world. It is new approach to being a Realtor, a team & growing a business. Most importantly, it requires an ability to focus and decipher bombarding digital innovations while staying connected to people and delivering a quality, repeatable experience. 

We put people first in a technology-driven world. This is done by focusing on clients and treating them like family, with care, selflessness and genuine respect. Our team, will do for you what we would do for our mother, father or best friend because that is how a human company operates with humility and transparency. We don't pretend to be something we aren't. We build friendships with our clients for a life-time,  and we definitely won't disappear after the transaction is complete.​